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Intech expands !

extension Intech Penang

Intech expands its facilities around the world. Come and discover the new Rang-du-Fliers plant, as well as the extensions to the Athens and Penang sites !

Intech's cradle is moving. 

In less than a year's time, Intech Medical's headquarters will be moving to new premises. 

«  The group's flagship »  Laurent Pruvost, Chief Executive Officer 


Located in the heart of Rang-du-Fliers and next door to the town hall for 23 years, the Intech Medical Rang-du-Fliers site is growing and moving to the Gretz field. Renewal was a real necessity for this plant :

« We can't add another machine, and the flows within the plant are not rational » Gauthier Vanelle, Rang-du-Fliers's General Manager 

By increasing its floor space from 4700m2 to 11000m2, the plant will be able to continue to deliver on its promise of a calm and serene working environment for all its employees. The optimized acoustics and brightness of the premises will provide an optimal, welcoming workspace for all, and thanks to these new facilities, 60 new employees are expected to join the workforce by 2028. 

This new plant is fully in line with its environmental commitment : 2300m2 of photovoltaic pannels, rainwater harvesting for sanitary facilities and a dozen parking spaces equipped with electric recharging stations.

With the expansion of its headquarters, which has retained its original buildings, Intech has once again demonstrated its determination to innovate and improve in order to offer its customers ever more effective products and services. 



Discover our new extension in Alabama

Get ready to witness a true marvel as ou new 40,000 sq.ft. extension in Athens, Alabama propels us to new heights. This expansion is a game-changer, as state-of-the-art CNC equipment floods our upgraded facility, while the entire Intechers team works tirelessly to optimize lead-times and revolutionize our manufacturing prowess. From crafting intricate robotic components to pioneering expandable implants for orthopedics, we're pushing boundaries, blazing trails, and embracing the exhilarating journey of limitless innovation. 


This is who we are. We tech care ! 



See also our Penang extension !

Excitement fills the air as we also prepare for an upcoming extension in Malaysia. Our focus will be on relocating our turning machines to new 11,000 sq.ft building, situated just a short drive from our main facility. This strategic move will optimize our operations and enhance our services to customers. Following the relocation, a period of customer requalification will ensure a seamless transition, aiming to resume production at full capacity by the end of the month. This expansion marks an important step towards strengthening our presence in Malaysia and drinving future growth. 

We tech care. 



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